The Dark Corners of the Night by Meg Gardiner audiobook

The Dark Corners of the Night

By Meg Gardiner
Read by Hillary Huber

Blackstone Publishing 9781982627515

The UNSUB Series: Book 3


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  • ISBN: 9781982627515

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Runtime: 12.03 Hours
Category: Fiction/Thrillers/Suspense
Audience: Adult
Language: English



A 2020 Reading the West Book Award nominee for Adult Fiction 

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“Don’t miss it. This is a great one!” — Stephen King

Soon to be an Amazon TV series

I am the legion of the night …

He appears in the darkness like a ghost, made of shadows and fear—the Midnight Man. He comes for the parents but leaves the children alive, tiny witnesses to unspeakable horror. The bedroom communities of Los Angeles are gripped with dread, and the attacks are escalating.

Still reeling from her best friend’s close call in a bombing six months ago, FBI behavioral analyst Caitlin Hendrix has come to Los Angeles to assist in the Midnight Man investigation and do what she does best—hunt a serial killer. Her work is what keeps her going, but something about this UNSUB—unknown subject—doesn’t sit right. She soon realizes that this case will test not only her skills but also her dedication, for within the heart of a killer lives a secret that mirrors Caitlin’s own past. Hesitancy is not an option, but will she be able to do what must be done if the time comes?

Tense and impactful, Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner’s latest UNSUB thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat until its riveting conclusion.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Gardiner weaves a suspenseful and horrifying tale that focuses on solving the crime rather than diving into gruesome and gratuitous details. Caitlin’s expertise and background bring a strong emotional hook to the story line. As the pursuit escalates, so do the surprises, right up to the shocking last page. Gardiner’s writing is lyrical and cinematic, and the final result is her best novel to date.” Associated Press
“The story never slows down for a second. The Dark Corners of the Night shows off Gardiner’s impressive knowledge of behavioral analysis and all the technology, ballistics, and forensics that go into a modern-day pursuit of the baddest of the bad guys who are out there. It is a lesson in investigatory work and a master class in how to write a nail-biter of a suspense novel.” Bookreporter
“Meg Gardiner has proven to be a writer who delivers. She gives thriller fans everything they want, in character, pace, and world building, presenting it all in a fresh way…The Dark Corners of the Night is Meg Gardiner at her finest. She gives us a flawed heroine you can’t help but root for, a villain both complex and undeniably evil, and a plot that constantly puts you on the edge. If she ups her game any more, we might not be able to survive.” MysteryPeople
“This book is all sorts of terrifying…If you’re a fan of mysteries/thrillers, then I highly recommend reading these books.” Shooting Stars Mag
“Once again, Meg Gardiner puts on a show with her latest scary-good thriller, mixing a chilling, heart-pounding plot with masterful character development and relentless pacing to create an unforgettable reading experience that’ll stay with readers long after turning the final page. Not only does she up the ante by creating her most terrifying villain to date, but several hard-hitting twists will keep readers on the edge of their seats, breathlessly racing to see which characters will make it out alive. If you aren’t reading this series, clear your TBR piles and start with this one. Meg Gardiner is that good.” CrimeReads
“Gardiner’s trademark breathless chase scenes are here. The conclusion will leave you haunted. As an extra treat for her fans, a surprise cameo appearance from Gardiner’s previous series drops in. As a fan of all of Gardiner’s work, this was a welcome treat.” Florida Times-Union
“Haunting, scary, gritty, The Dark Corners of the Night gave me goose bumps and made me check that the doors and windows where locked at night…Crime fans out there will love the originality and darkness of the story, the suspense that doesn’t leave the pages, and the strong and human characters that drive the story. A brilliant and thrilling read not to miss!” Book After Book
“I could not put this book down. I have been hooked on the UNSUB series since I picked up the first book. This whole series is well written and chock full of suspense. Caitlin’s character is brilliant as well as relatable as she deals with her flaws and struggles all while trying to stop serial killers. The physical toll it takes on her as she has to get inside the killers’ heads to create a profile and try to catch them before they kill again is very insightful. I highly recommend this series and look forward to the next book as well as the planned TV series.” Tulsa Book Review
“Los Angeles may not have snow at Christmastime, but it’s got the next best thing: a stone-cold serial killer who provides FBI behavioral analyst Caitlin Hendrix with her third, and perhaps most chilling, adversary…Gardiner has mastered the art of the serial-killer saga without an ounce of fat.” Kirkus Reviews
“Meg Gardiner treats readers to her very best work yet…I am so high on this book. Of all the 2020 titles I’ve read over the last 4–6 months, this is easily one of my favorites.” The Real Book Spy
“In the third Caitlin Hendrix thriller, following the terrific UNSUB (2017) and Into the Black Nowhere (2018), a killer targets families…Readers of the first two Hendrix novels won’t be surprised to hear that the story in this suspenseful thriller is exquisitely constructed. No by-the-numbers thriller here; this one definitely lives up to its predecessors…Gardiner is on a roll with this series, gathering fans with each installment like a snowball gathering mass as it rumbles down a hill.” Booklist
“Meg Gardiner is the next suspense superstar.” Stephen King
“Brilliantly written. An unforgettable story. Stunning.” Don Winslow
“This is a fantastic series of books by Edgar Award winner Meg Gardiner.” Janet Evanovich, #1 New York Times bestselling author, on the UNSUB series
“Meg Gardiner’s trademark strengths…characters as real as your friends, and a plot as real as your nightmares.” Lee Child
“Gardiner makes every one of her characters leap alive off the page.” Jeffery Deaver
“Meg Gardiner is one of my favorite authors. She always delivers a terrific read.” Karin Slaughter
“Meg Gardiner is an astonishing writer…I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough.” Tess Gerritsen




Author Bio: Meg Gardiner

Author Bio: Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardiner is the critically acclaimed author of the UNSUB series and China Lake, which won the Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original and was a finalist for NPR’s 100 Best Thrillers Ever. Stephen King has said of Meg Gardiner: “This woman is as good as Michael Connelly…her novels are, simply put, the finest crime-suspense series I’ve come across in the last twenty years.” Gardiner was also recently reelected President of the Mystery Writers of America for 2019 and 2020.

The Dark Corners of the Night is the third novel in her Barry Award–winning UNSUB series, which received three starred reviews from the major trade publications and is soon to be a major television series.

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Category: Fiction/Thrillers/Suspense
Runtime: 12.03
Audience: Adult
Language: English