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Hawaiian: Proven Techniques to Learn and Speak Hawaiian

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The Passport to Fluency Series


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Runtime: 7.86 Hours
Category: Nonfiction/Language Study
Audience: Adult
Language: English



Holiday in Honolulu? Meetings on Maui?

Aloha, malihini*! You don’t have to be a stranger to the cultural rebirth of the language of the Hawaiian Islands. With this Passport to Fluency audio, you’ll bask in the language, culture, and spirit of Hawaiian, providing proficiency and insights you can use on the beach or in the boardroom. Unique in style and comprehensive in content, this audio suite blends Hawaiian vocabulary and grammar with informative notes on each island.

This Passport to Fluency audio is:

  • The latest, most intuitive way to learn
  • Easy enough for all ages, from children to adults
  • Step-by-step lesson plan from beginner to intermediate speaker
  • Perfect for business, travel, school, or just for fun

Written, produced, and recorded in Hawaii, Passport to Fluency features respected Hawaiian speakers and champions of the effort to keep this proud language alive. Vibrant, effective, and listener-friendly, Hawaiian on audio is the topical, tropical way topono** Hawaiian instruction.

Learning a new language has never been so easy!

Audio Program Contents:

  1. Introduction; The Hawaiian Alphabet; Pronunciation; Greetings
  2. The Big Island of Hawaii; Adjectives; Future Verb Form
  3. The Island of O’hau; Pronouns; Numbers; Future Verb Form
  4. The Island of O’hau; Pronouns; Numbers, Future Verb Form
  5. The Island of Kaua’i; Question Words; Hawaiian Syntax
  6. The Island of Moloka’i; Directional Words; Defining Time
  7. The Island of La’na’i; Colors; The Human Body; Common Expressions
  8. Summary of Vocabulary; Lessons from Previous Programs

*stranger, newcomer

**good, proper




Author Bio: Made for Success

Author Bio: Made for Success

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Category: Nonfiction/Language Study
Runtime: 7.86
Audience: Adult
Language: English