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By Rachel Cusk
Read by Kate Reading

Blackstone Publishing 9780374228347

The Outline Trilogy: Book 1


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Runtime: 6.57 Hours
Category: Fiction/Literary
Audience: Adult
Language: English



A London Guardian Pick of Best Books of the 21st Century

A Carnegie Medal for Literature Longlist Selection

A Scotiabank Giller Prize Longlist Book

A 2018 New York Times Pick of the New Vanguard in Fiction

A 2015 New York Times Top 10 Book

The New Yorker’s Best Books of 2015 Selection

A NPR’s Great Reads Selection of 2015

A Flavorwire Pick for Best Fiction of 2015

A Pop Sugar Best Books Selection of 2015

A Portland Mercury Pick for Required Reading of 2015

A Kirkus Reviews Pick of 9 Series That Will Get You Hooked

A Publishers Weekly Pick of the Week, January 2015

A luminous, powerful novel that establishes Rachel Cusk as one of the finest writers in the English language

A man and a woman are seated next to each other on a plane. They get to talking—about their destination, their careers, their families. Grievances are aired, family tragedies discussed, marriages and divorces analyzed. An intimacy is established as two strangers contrast their own fictions about their lives.

Outline is a novel in ten conversations. Spare and stark, it follows a novelist teaching a course in creative writing during one oppressively hot summer in Athens. She leads her students in storytelling exercises. She meets other visiting writers for dinner and discourse. She goes swimming in the Ionian Sea with her neighbor from the plane. The people she encounters speak volubly about themselves: their fantasies, anxieties, pet theories, regrets, and longings. And through these disclosures, a portrait of the narrator is drawn by contrast, a portrait of a woman learning to face a great loss.

Outline takes a hard look at the things that are hardest to speak about. It brilliantly captures conversations, investigates people's motivations for storytelling, and questions their ability to ever do so honestly or unselfishly. In doing so it bares the deepest impulses behind the craft of fiction writing. This is Rachel Cusk's finest work yet and one of the most startling, brilliant, original novels of recent years.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“A poised and cerebral novel…transfixing in its unruffled awareness of the ways we love and leave each other, and of what it means to listen to other people.” New York Times
“Never less than compelling…thanks to the mystery at the heart of Cusk’s book, her exquisite lightness of touch, and her glinting wit.” Daily Mail (London)
“Dispenses with the need for much of a plot and presents instead more of a lush human collage…A rich, thoughtful read.” Times (London)
“Lethally Intelligent…Reading Outline mimics the sensation of being underwater, of being separated from other people by a substance denser than air. But there is nothing blurry or muted about Cusk’s literary vision or her prose” New York Times Book Review
“A quiet, profound book about the problems of living with a sense of purpose.” Metro (London)
“The writing is brilliant…Cusk is always cerebral, but I’ve never noticed her drollery before…absorbing, thought provoking.” Evening Standard (London)
“Like the Higgs boson, which appears only when bombarded by electrons, Rachel Cusk’s nearly nameless narrator flickers into visibility only through her encounters with a series of amazingly eloquent and fascinating interlocutors.” Jeffrey Eugenides, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author
“Hypnotic, funny, and unsettling…All of these tales—the author’s tale—hold our attention because of Cusk’s unerring command of pace and tone.” Geoff Dyer, National Book Critics Circle Award–winning author
Outline succeeds powerfully. Among other things, it gets a great variety of human beings down onto the page with both immediacy and depth; an elemental pleasure that makes the book as gripping to read as a thriller…a stellar accomplishment.” James Lasdun, Times Literary Supplement Award–winning author of Landscape with Chainsaw
“Cusk confounds expectations…Outline is full of such wonderful surprises: subtle shifts in power and unexpectedly witty interludes.” Telegraph (London)
“Cusk’s uncompromising, often brutal intelligence is at full power. So is her technique…I can’t think of a book that so powerfully resists summary or review…Inevitably, the only way to get close to the fascinating and elusive core of Outline is to read it.” Financial Times (London)
“This has to be one of the oddest, most breathtakingly original, and unsettling novels I’ve read in a long time…Every single word is earned, precisely tuned, enthralling. Outline is a triumph of attitude and daring, a master class in tone.” Observer (London)
Outline…defies ordinary categorization. It is about authorial invisibility, it involves writing without showing your face. The narrator is a writer who goes to teach creative writing in Greece and becomes enmeshed in other peoples’ narratives, which Cusk stitches, with fastidious brilliance, into a single fabric. It is a reminder that every life is, to some extent, a random weave of stories.” Guardian (London)
“[A] uniquely graceful and innovative piece of artistic self-possession, which achieves the rare feat of seamlessly amalgamating form and substance.” Independent (London)
“A book whose almost dream-like quality has razor-sharp edges.” Spectator (London)
“Brilliant…These ten remarkable conversations, told with immense control, focus a sharp eye on how we discuss family and our lives.’” Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“This book about love, loss, memory, and the lies we tell ourselves and others exudes a contemplative, melancholy atmosphere tempered by British author Cusk’s wonderfully astute observations of people and the visual impressions created by her exquisitely structured sentences.” Library Journal (starred review)
“An expertly crafted portrait that asks readers to look deeply into the text for discovery. Those who accept that challenge will be rewarded for the effort.” Booklist (starred review)
“Cusk returns to fiction and top form in a novel about the stories we tell ourselves and others…rich in human variety and unsentimental empathy.” Kirkus Reviews
“Cusk has constructed a restrained, incisive narrative of high stylistic polish and stealthy emotional power. Formally inventive, astringently intellectual, and linguistically assured, Outline poses the question of where stories come from; it shows, with glittering clarity, why they matter.” Rebecca Mead, author of My Life in Middlemarch
Outline is amazing. It changes the lighting on the charismatic, mad, maddening monologues so beloved in literature; here we are, on the previously invisible other side of it, seeing something brilliant and irremediably true.” Rivka Galchen, author of American Innovations
“A subtle and utterly engrossing exploration of the ways we make ourselves known to one another—in stories and anecdotes, through seductions and disputes—and yet remain opaque; how we sketch ourselves as outlines and find these outlines interrogated. Its conversations echo each other deftly, their acute insights gracefully pulling apart the seams of its carefully composed characters to show glimpses of much messier selves within: a series of searing psychic X-rays bleached by coastal light.” Leslie Jamison, author of The Empathy Exams




Author Bio: Rachel Cusk

Author Bio: Rachel Cusk

Rachel Cusk is the author of several memoirs and a number of novels, including Saving Agnes, winner of the Whitbread First Novel Award; The Temporary; The Country Life, which won a Somerset Maugham Award; The Lucky Ones; In the Fold; Arlington Park; and The Bradshaw Variations. She was chosen as one of Granta’s 2003 Best of Young British Novelists. She lives in London.

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Category: Fiction/Literary
Runtime: 6.57
Audience: Adult
Language: English