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  1. 10.0 hrs • Jun/20/2010 • Unabridged

    Computer scientist Pamela Sasser led the quiet life of a university professor until her research uncovered a bug in the new Perseus computer chip. The Perseus, manufactured by a corporation owned by billionaire presidential candidate Preston Sinclaire, is at the heart of thousands of commercial and military systems, including the Palo Verde nuclear plant. When the bug causes a massive nuclear meltdown, killing thousands and leaving a legacy of radiation illness and cancer to millions more, only Sasser can prove what happened. But her knowledge pits her against one of the most powerful enemies in the world. When her would-be assassin learns her secret, he too becomes a target. Now the two must run together, evading military hit teams and corporate killers, to expose the secrets of Sinclaire and the Perseus before the bug surfaces again.

    Available Formats: MP3 CD


    Read by Brian Emerson
    10.0 hrs • Jun/20/2010 • Unabridged
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