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Michael Gruber

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  1. 17.5 hrs • Dec/01/2005 • Unabridged

    Jane Doe is a once-promising anthropologist and an expert on shamanism. Everyone thinks she’s dead. Or so she hopes. Jimmy Paz is a Cuban-American police detective. Straddling two cultures, he understands things others cannot. When the killings start—a series of ritualistic murders—all of Miami is terrified. Especially Jane. She knows the dark truth that Jimmy must desperately search to uncover. As their lives slowly interconnect, Jane and Paz are soon caught in a cataclysmic battle between good and evil.

    Available Formats: MP3 CD

    Tropic of Night

    Read by Valerie Leonard
    17.5 hrs • Dec/01/2005 • Unabridged
    Library CD
    Also: MP3 CD
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