The Lost City of Z (audiobook)

A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

Read by Mark Deakins
10.1 hrs • 8 CDs • Unabridged
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 03/07/17
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03/07/17 9780525494119
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A New York Times Bestseller

One of the 2009 New York Times Book Review 100 Notable Books for Nonfiction

Winner of the 2010 Indies Choice Book Award for 2010

Selected for the March 2009 Indie Next List

A USA Today Bestseller

In 1925, the legendary British explorer Percy Fawcett ventured into the Amazon jungle, in search of a fabled civilization. He never returned. Over the years countless people perished trying to find evidence of his party and the place he called “The Lost City of Z.” In this masterpiece of narrative nonfiction, journalist David Grann interweaves the spellbinding stories of Fawcett’s quest for “Z” and his own journey into the deadly jungle, as he unravels the greatest exploration mystery of the twentieth century.

Review Quotes

Few things are better than experiencing a horrendous adventure from the comfort of your own armchair. Hordes of mosquitoes, poison-arrow attacks, bizarre and fatal diseases, spies in starched collars, hidden outposts of Atlantis -- what's not to like? The Lost City of Z is like a wonderful nineteenth-century tale of exotic danger -- except that David Grann's book is also a sensitively written biographical detective story, a vest-pocket history of exploration, and a guide to the new archaeological research that is exploding our preconceptions of the Amazon and its peoples.Charles Mann, author of 1491David Grann's The Lost City of Z is a deeply satisfying revelation—a look into the life and times of one of the last great territorial explorers, P. H. Fawcett, and his search for a lost city in the Amazon. I mean, what could be better—obsession, mystery, deadly insects, shrunken heads, suppurating wounds, hostile tribesmen—all for us to savor in our homes, safely before the fire.Erik Larson, author of Thunderstruck, Devil in the White Cit,y and Isaac’s StormA wonderfully researched true story about an intrepid adventurer, a colorful cast, and an obsession that grips both him and the author.Walter Isaacson, author of EinsteinThe story of Z goes to the heart of the central questions of our age. In the battle between man and a hostile environment, who wins? A fascinating and brilliant book.Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink and The Tipping PointWith this riveting work, David Grann emerges on our national landscape as a major new talent. His superb writing style, his skills as a reporter, his masterful use of historical and scientific documents, and his stunning storytelling ability are on full display here, producing an endlessly absorbing tale about a magical subject that captivates from start to finish. This is a terrific book.Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of Team of RivalsThe Amazon has had many chroniclers but few who can match David Grann's grasp of history, science, and especially narrative. Shifting seamlessly between the past and present, The Lost City of Z is a riveting, totally absorbing real-life adventure story.Nathaniel Philbrick, author of Mayflower and In the Heart of the SeaDavid Grann takes the reader on an extraordinary journey that snakes through expeditionary archives and ends deep in the Amazonian forest. The Lost City of Z is a gripping tale of a lost world and of the magnificent obsession of those who have sought it.Caroline Alexander, author of The Bounty and The EnduranceWhat a wild and adventurous life! In the deft storytelling hands of David Grann, explorer Percy Fawcett emerges as one of the most ambitious, colorful, just plain intrepid figures ever to set foot in the New World. Part Indiana Jones, part Livingstone, and part Kit Carson, Fawcett has found his perfect biographer in Grann, who has gamely endured every conceivable Amazonian hardship to piece together the story of this British swashbuckler and his crazed search for a vanished civilization.Hampton Sides, author of Blood and Thunder and Ghost SoldiersA fantastic story of courage, obsession, and mystery, The Lost City of Z is gripping from beginning to end. In the pantheon of classic exploration tales, this stands out as one of the best.Candice Millard, author The River of Doubt

“A riveting, exciting, and thoroughly compelling tale of adventure.”

John Grisham

“What makes Mr. Grann’s telling of the story so captivating is that he decides not simply to go off in search of yet more relics of our absent hero—but to go off himself in search of the city that Fawcett was looking for so heroically when he suddenly went AWOL.”

Wall Street Journal

“A riveting adventure-mystery in the tradition of Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, said to be inspired by Fawcett.”

Toronto Star

“Thankfully, for those of us who secretly live and breathe for the swashbuckling adventure tale, every now and then a book comes along that renews our faith in the epic quest narrative, its ability to inform and enlighten even as it feeds our most primal need for dramatic amusement. [The Lost City of Z] succeeds tremendously in these pursuits.”

Globe and Mail (Toronto)

“Suspenseful…Rollicking…Reads with all the pace and excitement of a movie thriller…The Lost City of Z is at once a biography, a detective story, and a wonderfully vivid piece of travel writing that combines Bruce Chatwinesque powers of observation with a Waugh-like sense of the absurd. Mr. Grann treats us to a harrowing reconstruction of Fawcett’s forays into the Amazonian jungle, as well as an evocative rendering of the vanished age of exploration.”

New York Times

“A fascinating yarn that touches on science, history, and some truly obsessive personalities.”

Entertainment Weekly

“In a hyperconnected and exhaustively charted world, here is a revelation about wildness and the mad desire to plunge into it…Unfathomably riveting…Grann wildly delivers the goods.”


“Absorbing…A wonderful story of a lost age of heroic exploration.”

Sunday Times (London)

“Grann is no hard-as-nails explorer, and his self-deprecating personal narrative…serves as a comic counterpoint to the superhuman exploits of Fawcett. Grann may not be able to hack the wilderness very well, but as a storyteller he’s first-rate.”


“Breathtaking…Grann brings Fawcett’s remarkable story to a beautifully written, perfectly paced fruition…Any writer who can breathe life into letters written by scientists in the early 1900s deserves more than a hat tip.”

Los Angeles Times

“An engrossing book, whose protagonist could outmarch Lara Croft and out-think Indiana Jones…It’s almost enough to make you reach for a backpack.”

Daily Telegraph (London)

“Thoroughly researched, vividly told…Grann recounts Fawcett’s expeditions with all the pace of a white-knuckle adventure story…A thrill ride from start to finish.”

Washington Post

“A blood-stirring reading experience.”

Denver Post

“A spellbinding tale that produces fresh surprises around each turn…An amazing story.”

Dallas Morning News

“Fast-paced adventure…Grann delights us with the lure of obsession under a canopy of trees.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Brilliant…Impressively researched and skillfully crafted…Grann makes abundantly clear in this fascinating, epic story of exploration and obsession, [that] the lethal attraction of the Amazon mystery remains strong.”

Boston Globe

“A thrilling yarn…What [Grann] finds is what makes The Lost City of Z so gratifying, and in the end he, and we along with him, find ourselves stunned by what Percy Fawcett discovered.”


“Perfect for armchair travelers and readers with fond childhood memories of books recounting tales of adventure in the dark wild…What [Grann] found should help change how we think about the Amazon…Read it, shiver with delight, and thank your lucky stars you’re never going to get as close to a candirú as Fawcett and Grann did. (Look it up on Wikipedia, if you dare.)”

Richmond Times-Dispatch

“There is something about Fawcett’s spirit and self-assurance that captivates…To read The Lost City of Z is to feel grateful that Grann himself bothered to set out for the Amazon in search of the bones of an explorer whose body was long ago reclaimed by the jungle.”

Christian Science Monitor

“A blockbuster tale of adventure.”

New York Observer

“Grann escapes death and tracks down Z, giving the reader the kind of Indiana Jones kicks best experienced vicariously.”


“A colorful tale of true adventure, marked by satisfyingly unexpected twists, turns, and plenty of dark portents.”

Kirkus Reviews