The Whithering of Willoughby and the Professor: Their Ways in the Worlds (audiobook)

The Best of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Season 3

The Whithering of Willoughby and the Professor Series

8.1 hrs • 7 CDs• 1 MP3 CD • Audio Theater
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 11/01/13
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This is an epic science fiction/fantasy comedy about a boy and his professor who travel willy-nilly across time and space in a failed attempt to “cure the world of all its ills.”

Stories include:

Episode One: “I'll Teach You!” or “Box of Nothing”
Episode Two: “Holy Smoke” or “The Red-Suited Man”
Episode Three: “More Edible Than Durable” or “You Smashed My Monkey!”
Episode Four: “Oh Boy, She Looks Great!” or “Which Witchway is Which?”
Episode Five: “Your Separate World Lines” or I'm Big and You’re Small”
Episode Six: “Now It's Time To Sing!” or “Unwanted Noises in the Air”
Episode Seven: “I Like This Box!” or “Oh Victim Man!”
Episode Eight: “Oh Dalai” or “Life is Dukka”
Episode Nine: “The Traveling Extravaganza” or “His Name is Bub”
Episode Ten: “More Dogs For Me?” or “Knock-a-knock-knuckles”
Episode Eleven: “You’re a Messiah” or “Buboes in the Lymph Nodes”
Episode Twelve: “A Box in the Dark” or “Dead Men Do Not Groan”
Episode Thirteen: “Is Eloquence a Bauble” or “Where’s My Cyaneus
Episode Fourteen: “I Do Not Like the Blackness of Her Nose” or “The Penguins Laugh at You!”
Episode Fifteen: “The Genius of These Woods” or “I’m Also Wearing Explosives”
Episode Sixteen: “Say Jacques!” or “She’s Got Kneepads!”

Review Quotes

“Descendants of Laurel and Hardy and Holmes and Watson, among others, Willoughby and the Professor bring radio listeners along on a series of adventures, often in exotic lands and always in the more exotic land of the imagination. Judging from the hundreds of letters WNYC Radio has received about Willoughby, a couple of characters who can go anywhere in the world while remaining inside the listener’s radio and head is just the ticket.”

New York Daily News

“We chose to add Willoughby and the Professor to our Contemporary Radio Humor collection because it is unique. There’s not a whole lot of comedy on radio these days. One person does all the voices. Bevilacqua was a student of Daws Butler, a master of cartoon voices. It is a very interesting program.”

Ken Mueller, radio manager, the Museum of Television and Radio

“Are you a fan of old-time radio? Do you wish they were still making those wonderful programs so you wouldn’t have to keep listening to the same old episodes again and again? Do you poop out at parties? Do you wish I would stop asking so many questions? Well wish no more, o traveler of the airwaves. From Joe Bevilacqua and his Waterlogg Productions, the vita-veeta-vegemin of old-time radio, comes this echo from a bygone era.”

Steven Brandt, Audio Book Heaven

“For most artists working in radio theater, the projects tend to be group efforts, with actors, a producer and director, writers, engineers, and sound effects personal. But Joe Bevilacqua is producing a successful radio theater series almost single-handedly. The great part about radio theater is you can portray ‘any subject in any location in any circumstance, from another part of the world to the past to another dimension. You can create a whole world unto itself.’”

Amy Hersh, Backstage

“The author wrote the musicals pieces and they really are quite fun; I liked them a lot. The sound effects for the most part are wonderful. Joe (Bevilacqua) is the SOLE voice. That he does all of these voices himself is really extra remarkable. If you are a person who really likes“wacky as well as fun audio, this would be a good pick.”