Barack Obama Presidency by the Speech Resource Company audiobook

Barack Obama Presidency

By the Speech Resource Company
Introductions by Robert Wikstrom

The Speech Resource Company, Inc.

The Historic Moments in Speech Series


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Runtime: 9.58 Hours
Category: Nonfiction/History
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Language: English



From civil rights lawyer to Illinois state senator to US senator, Barack Obama was to become the first African American president of the United States. Speeches include his nomination acceptance, the inauguration, the death of Osama bin Laden, military conflicts, national health care legislation, and more.

Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom

  1. 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, 7/27/04
  2. Receiving the American Academy of Achievement Award, 6/20/07
  3. Nomination acceptance speech, 8/28/08
  4. Election victory speech, 11/4/08
  5. First inauguration address, 1/20/09
  6. First 100 days in office, 4/29/09
  7. Health care reform speech to Congress, 9/9/09
  8. Signing the Affordable Care Act, 3/23/10
  9. Ending “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” 12/22/10
  10. Announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden, 5/1/11
  11. Ending the war in Iraq, 10/21/11
  12. Second inauguration speech, 1/21/13
  13. Boston bombing memorial address, 4/18/13
  14. Ending the war in Afghanistan, 12/28/14
  15. Fiftieth anniversary of Selma to Montgomery march, 3/7/15
  16. Proposed Iran nuclear deal, 4/3/15
  17. Announcing the Iran nuclear agreement, 7/14/15
  18. Address to the people of Cuba, 3/22/16
  19. Final White House Correspondence Dinner, 4/30/16
  20. Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery, 5/30/16
  21. Dedication of the African American Museum, 9/24/16
  22. Comments on Donald Trump victory, 11/9/16
  23. Farewell address in Chicago, 1/10/17





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Category: Nonfiction/History
Runtime: 9.58
Audience: Adult
Language: English