Introducing MARC Records Direct from Blackstone

Download MARC records on demand

MARC Records
  • Brief MARCs available free for every title we sell
  • Full MARCs available for any product purchased direct from Blackstone
  • Full MARCs free with an active SOP plan

How It Works

Getting MARC records has never been easier

MARC Preferences

Complete our MARC Preferences form to let us know who manages MARC records for your library.


Download Brief MARCs directly from the product details page, a List or your Cart, even before you place an order.

Download Full MARCs for any purchased products

Download both Brief and Full MARCs from your Order history.

Two convenient options

Brief MARCs

  • Machine-generated with basic product metadata
  • Free to all customers
  • Records are available for every title we sell
  • View sample Brief MARCs

Full MARCs

  • Edited and enhanced by our in-house cataloging staff
  • Free for SOP customers
  • Available for purchase by E-Z Flex customers for $1 per product
  • View sample Full MARCs

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