Billions at Play by NJ Ayuk audiobook

Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals (2nd Edition)

By NJ Ayuk
Foreword by Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo
Read by Adera Gandy  and Boet Schouwinck

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“I agree with the points made—and with Ayuk’s case for the critical role that OPEC will play in helping African oil products achieve a much-deserved voice in the petroleum industry.” —OPEC Secretary-General, H.E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

Two decades of negotiating African oil and gas deals have given NJ Ayuk a grasp of the continent's energy landscape that few can match. The American-educated, African energy lawyer serves up generous doses of that insight in his second book, Billions at Play: The Future of Africa Energy and Doing Deals.

Serving as a road map for the continent to do a better job of using its vast energy resources to improve its peoples' lives, Ayuk addresses how African countries can use their energy industries as springboards for diversifying and growing their overall economies.

In addition, Ayuk shows how African governments and local companies can negotiate better deals with international energy companies and how the continent's countries can use marginal oil and gas fields to develop domestic energy industries that, once strong, will compete globally.

Questions posed and answered:

  • Why Africa's fledgling natural gas resources can allow the continent to emerge as a key global player in the industry
  • What changes African countries can make in order to become attractive investment destinations
  • The role that access to reliable, sustainable, and affordable power can play in the acceleration of economic growth
  • Why and how American energy companies should stop curtailing their investments in Africa
  • And why the continent’s energy industry needs more women

The book’s underlying theme is that too often, natural resources create wealth for foreign investors and a select group of African elites while everyday people (and in turn, African economies) fail to benefit.

While it is easy to see that there is a lack of local participation in African projects and an ongoing challenge in securing necessary investment, we also need to understand our role in this. We have to understand the importance of creating enabling environments with attractive fiscal terms for local and foreign investors, the role of stronger local content policies in ensuring more local participation in the sector, and the weight government and political uncertainty carries in moving projects forward.

“It’s up to Africans to fix Africa,” writes Ayuk. This statement can be considered a living theme throughout the book as he encourages that local companies and governments have to enter into collaborative agreements rather than passive engagements with IOCs and majors. “[We need] investors who show that they want to fully participate with us, by coming in and building long-term sustainable businesses that last and make a profit, create jobs and further development.”

If you’re ready to dive headfirst into accessing a frank analysis and examination of the African energy landscape and how Africans can begin to fix Africa, jump into the pages of Billions at Play.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Ayuk sees opportunity all around him, and he realizes that appropriate development will solve many of the continent’s challenges, including power generation.” Ann Norman, general manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Pioneer Energy
“Ayuk goes beyond acknowledging this cycle of mismanagement and corruption. He also gives us ideas for breaking it…We can’t continue as we are.” Akere Muna, former vice chairman of Transparency International
“I agree with the points made—and with Ayuk’s case for the critical role that OPEC will play in helping African oil products achieve a much-deserved voice in the petroleum industry.” H. E. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, OPEC secretary general
“NJ Ayuk is a champion of African commerce, and that’s clear in his new book…. His message is something anyone who is doing business there, or wants to, should hear.” Sergio Pugliese, president of Angola African Energy Chamber
“Africa is exporting raw materials it could be refining and processing, if it only had the capabilities, but not everyone is willing to admit that with the level of candor Ayuk does.” Bruce Falkenstein, joint operations manager, License Management and Compliance for LUKOIL
’In the chapter entitled Abundant, Accessible, Affordable: The “Golden Age” of Natural Gas Shines in Africa, Ayuk correctly identifies the benefits of natural gas, especially as the world looks for ways to lower CO2 emissions.‘ Jeff Goodrich, former CEO of OneLNG
’The answer to Africa’s utility woes can be found in Ayuk’s book. For example, not everyone is willing to assert that Africa will never achieve its full potential if it cannot power its industries, services, or households. Ayuk’s chapter isn’t all doom and gloom [however] Ayuk calls it like it is.’ Dr Thabo Kgogo, former CEO of Efora Energy Limited
NJ Ayuk is right to call upon African governments to do their share in making Africa appealing to American exploration and production companies. I hope American companies will see that Africa still has a lot to offer in terms of economic returns. H. Daniel Hogan, CEO and General Manager of Lukoil International Upstream West
“It is an honor to provide the foreword for this book. I agree with the points made—and with Ayuk’s case for the critical role that OPEC will play in helping African oil producers achieve a much-deserved voice in the petroleum industry. Yes, one could argue that Ayuk is a dreamer. However, he has taken the time to develop a detailed roadmap for realizing that dream. It’s up to each of us to take the time to read it and to play a part in making his dream of petroleum-fueled economic growth, stability, and improved quality of life happen for Africa. Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo, OPEC Secretary General




Author Bio: NJ Ayuk

Author Bio: NJ Ayuk

NJ Ayuk is founder and CEO of Pan-African corporate law conglomerate, Centurion Law Group; Founder and Executive Chair-man of the African Energy Chamber; and author of Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals and coauthor of Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity. He is recognized as one of the foremost figures in African business today.

A Global Shaper with the World Economic Forum, one of Forbes’ Top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa in 2015, and a well-known dealmaker in the petroleum and power sectors, NJ is dedicating his career to helping entrepreneurs find success and to building the careers of young African lawyers. NJ strives through his work to ensure that business, and especially oil and gas, impacts African societies in a positive way and drives local content development.

NJ graduated from the University of Maryland College Park and earned a Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law and an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology.

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