John F. Kennedy Presidency by the Speech Resource Company audiobook

John F. Kennedy Presidency

By the Speech Resource Company
Introductions by Robert Wikstrom

The Speech Resource Company, Inc.

The Historic Moments in Speech Series


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Runtime: 9.37 Hours
Category: Nonfiction/History
Audience: Adult
Language: English



JFK was the youngest man to ever become president of the United States. He took office during mounting Cold War tensions and escalating military activity in Vietnam. Included are speeches on the growing civil rights unrest, the Cuban missile crisis, his attempts to renew a drive for public service, and more.

Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom

  1. Announcing candidacy for president, 1/2/60
  2. Nomination acceptance speech, 7/15/60
  3. Campaign speech to Houston Ministerial Association, 9/12/60
  4. First television debate with Richard Nixon, 9/26/60
  5. Remarks at Al Smith Dinner, 10/19/60
  6. Campaign speech in Libertyville, IL, 10/25/60
  7. Election Eve, 11/7/60
  8. Inauguration speech, 1/20/61
  9. State of the Union address, 1/30/61
  10. Alliance for Progress speech, 3/13/61
  11. Speech to newspaper editors on “Bay of Pigs,” 4/20/61
  12. Address to Newspaper Publishers Association “Secret Society,” 4/27/61
  13. Crisis in Berlin, 7/25/61
  14. Speech to the United Nations, 9/25/61
  15. Health Care legislation, “Medicare,” 5/20/62
  16. Graduation ceremony at West Point, 6/6/62
  17. Rice University, “Space Race,” 9/12/62
  18. Cuban missile crisis, 10/22/62
  19. Economic Club of New York, “Tax Cuts,” 12/14/62
  20. American University, “Nuclear Arms Reduction,” 6/10/63
  21. Sending National Guard troops to Alabama, 6/11/63
  22. Speech to West Berliners “Ich Bin Ein Berliner,” 6/26/63
  23. Test Ban Treaty, 7/26/63
  24. Speech to UN General Assembly, 9/20/63
  25. Political rally address in Ft. Worth, TX, 11/22/63
  26. Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce “Last Speech,” 11/22/63
  27. JFK eulogy given by US Chief Justice Earl Warren, 11/24/63





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Category: Nonfiction/History
Runtime: 9.37
Audience: Adult
Language: English