Kahari by Dean Kutzler audiobook


By Dean Kutzler
Read by Tom Lennon

Ironclad Bindings 9781726709880

The Scarab Reign Series: Book 1


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  • ISBN: 9781982670214

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Runtime: 9.03 Hours
Category: Fiction/Science Fiction
Audience: Adult
Language: English



Universal power is gone …

Centuries ago, a clean, endless power source was discovered coursing through space.
We found a way to harness it and life became easy––no more struggling.
Without warning, a technologically advanced alien race came along and just took it away.

We took electricity for granted.
Just another bill, sitting on the counter waiting to be paid.

Until it’s gone.

Billions perished.
Frozen to death in their homes.
Starved when manufacturers and farmers couldn’t produce enough food.

We’d built a helpless civilization dependant on universal power.
The old, simple way of hard work and toiling the land was forgotten.

The aliens just left.

We struggled to survive.
We learned, again.
Tapped into the earth, and found resources.
Powered our homes and machines.

Then the aliens returned and started imprisoning us.
Forced us to mine gold without explanation.

Now, only one woman stands between the aliens and our freedom:

Commander Saren Thorn.




Author Bio: Dean Kutzler

Author Bio: Dean Kutzler

Dean Kutzler is a full-time independent author of multiple series in the science fiction/fantasy and thriller/mystery genres. His love of anything involving spaceships or sorcery—or twisting the two together—has made its way into his writing. Kutzler is originally from New York, but he found his home (and heart) in Philadelphia.

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Available Formats : CD, Library CD, MP3 CD
Category: Fiction/Science Fiction
Runtime: 9.03
Audience: Adult
Language: English