Loose Wheels and Narrow Necks by Brian Price audiobook

Loose Wheels and Narrow Necks: Cart 437 and Other Slightly Dystopian Tales

By Brian Price
Produced by Jerry Stearns
Performed by David Ossman  and others

Great Northern

Audio Theater

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  • ISBN: 9781538492086

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Runtime: 1.18 Hours
Category: Fiction/Humor
Audience: Adult
Language: English



Over the years while writing, directing, and acting at radio theater workshops and in the Mark Time Radio show performances at Minneapolis’ CONvergence science fiction conventions, Brian Price and David Stearns found that they shared a love for classic Beat poetry, Lord Buckley, and prose poems, so they started doing some of their own. This is a collection of their unique hybrid of humor, music, character, and performance.

“Closed Mouths and Narrow Necks”
The Yellow House - West Plains, MO, May 29, 2002
Bass: Thom Hoglen, Sax: Eric Elder

“Cart 437” (or “The Long Way Around”)
CONvergence 2006 - July 7, 2006

“The Collapse of the 20th Century Was So Gradual”
Minicon 32 - March 28, 1997
Piano: David Emerson

“Clones Day Parade”
CONvergence 2001 - July 6, 2001
Piano: Mike Wheaton

“Unrelated Cliffhanger Theater”
CONvergence 2006 - July 7, 2006
With Windy Bowlsby, Tim Wick, Charlie Meitzner, Preston Ossman, Eleanor Price, and David Ossman

“Your Mileage May Vary”
CONvergence 2002 - July 5, 2002
With Richard Fish
Music by Eleanor Price

“A Cure for Science”
CONvergence 2004 - July 2, 2004
Trombone: Jim ten Bensel

“The Tiniest Souls”
CONvergence 2007 - July 6, 2007

“Under the Broken Tree Bridge”
CONvergence 2008 - July 3, 2008
With Eleanor Price
Piano: Keith Spears

“Cart 437: Part Two”
Hear Now Festival - Kansas City, MO, June 9, 2016

“You Can’t Handle the Truth”
CONvergence 2007 - July 6, 2007
With Wally Wingert, Windy Bowlsby, Tim Wick, Preston Ossman, Eleanor Price, and David Ossman




Author Bio: Brian Price

Author Bio: Brian Price

Brian Price has been working in audio theater and production for over thirty-five years. He has written, directed, and adapted for groups such as Native Voices at the Autry, the Grist Mill, and the National Audio Theatre Festivals. He and his Great Northern Audio Theatre partner, Jerry Stearns, wrote and produced eighteen years of the Mark Time Awards Radio Show and were awarded an Audie Award in 2017 for Best Audio Drama for their full-length drama In the Embers. They also hold a Norman Corwin Award for Lifetime Achievement in Audio Theater.

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Available Formats : CD, Library CD, MP3 CD
Category: Fiction/Humor
Runtime: 1.18
Audience: Adult
Language: English