10.9 hrs • 9 CDs• 1 MP3 CD• 352 CDs• 352 CDs • Unabridged
Target Audience: Young Adult (12–17)
Release Date: 07/11/17
Library CD Library Edition CD titles are packaged in an attractive, full-sized, durable vinyl case with full color art. Cloth Sleeves keep compact discs protected and in numerical order. 
- 07/11/17 9781538429983
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MP3 CD MP3-CDs: Come in a durable vinyl case similar to a dvd case. An index of contents and tracking information are included within the Mp3-CD format. MP3's can be played on any compatible CD player 
- 07/11/17 9781538430002
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Playaway Playaway: Playaway editions are a pre loaded audio device that is half the size of deck of cards. Simply plugin headphones and listen. 
- 07/11/17 9781538451564
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Hardcover 6"x 9" hard cover print book 
- 07/11/17 9781538431122
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Paperback 5.5" x 8.5" paperback print book 
- 10/09/18 9781538507568

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A USA Today Bestseller

Publishers Weekly bestseller

An Amazon.com #1 New Release

iTunes Best Audiobook Pick for July

Finalist for the RT Book Reviews Award for Best YA Paranormal/SF 

It’s Zoey’s eighteenth birthmas and the Nerd Herd has been scattered across the country busily adulting for almost a year when Stark calls them back to Tulsa to surprise Z. But all is not well in T-Town. Strange, dark signs are appearing—could it be possible Neferet is stirring? Not willing to chance disaster striking again, Zoey calls on her newly reunited friends to circle with her and add a layer of protection over Neferet’s grotto jail. Easy-peasy, right?

Wrong. Nothing at the House of Night is ever as it seems.

With rabid red vampyres closing in, Zoey and the Nerd Herd must come together again and battle evil. But a year is a long time. Have these old friends grown too far apart?

When the world fractures and allies become enemies, will darkness devour friendships or will light save those she’s loved?

Review Quotes

“Unputdownable. A fast-paced, suspenseful, magickal new world of adventure. Get ready for a wild ride with your beloved Nerd Herd.”

Kresley Cole, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Smart, sassy, and seductive. Zoey Redbird is back!”

C. C. Hunter, New York Times bestselling author

“The House of Night series is back and better than ever! The Nerd Herd is together again, and drama, thrills, and chills follow. This special release will catapult fans to the nearest bookstore as the series once again manages to capture the hearts of every House of Night devotee. With new disasters and bad guys ascending, it’s up the the crew to keep their loved ones safe. A relatively fast read, this book is a welcome return to this beloved universe.”

RT Book Reviews (4½ stars, Top Pick!)

“Fans of the House of Night series won’t be disappointed in the two Casts’ latest journey into their vampyre world, packed with magic, eerie monsters, and romance. With a guide at the beginning, even those who haven’t read the previous books will be able to jump right into this new series. And they will surely be eagerly waiting for the next installment.”


Loved is the debut first novel in what promises to be an outstanding House of Night series by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast. This is the stuff of which blockbuster Hollywood movies and award-winning television miniseries are made of…Very highly and unreservedly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“Davies doesn’t disappoint in this performance. Her narration differentiates the characters well in addition to capturing their passion, anxiety, and joy. This performance will please fans of young adult romance and paranormal adventure.”


“There’s action, drama, love, light, dark, family, and friendship on every page…Fans of the House of Night Series won’t want to miss this one. I would also recommend it to fans of vampires.”

YA Books Central (5 stars)

Loved delivers another page-turning read infused with magick, lust, and the power of friendship that’s sure to leave fans desperate for more.”

Elicia Hyder, bestselling author of the Soul Summoner series