Magic Street (audiobook)

13.4 hrs • 11 CDs• 1 MP3 CD • Unabridged
Fiction/Science Fiction
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 06/27/05
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- 06/27/05 9780786178261
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- 06/27/05 9780786180189
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In a peaceful, prosperous African American neighborhood in Los Angeles lives Mack Street, a mystery child. Abandoned by his birth mother and raised by a blunt-speaking single woman, Mack passes from family to family, a boy surrounded by people yet deeply alone. He realizes how different he is from others the day he sees, in a thin slice of space, a narrow house. Passing through the magic house that no one else can see, Mack is plunged into a realm where time and reality are skewed. Inside, what Mack does has strange effects on the “real world” of concrete, cars, commerce, and conflict.

Growing into a tall, powerful young man and pursuing a forbidden relationship, Mack becomes a player in an epic drama. Understanding this drama is Mack’s challenge. His reward, if he can survive the trip, is discovering who he really is and why he exists.

Both a novel of constantly surprising entertainment and a tale of breathtaking literary power, Magic Street is a masterwork from a supremely gifted, utterly original American writer—a novel that uses realism and fantasy to delight, challenge, and satisfy on the most profound levels.

Review Quotes

“It’s a great read, Card’s take on his characters as sure as ever, his narrative rock solid, his dialogue crackling and authentic.”

Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Card’s clever tale comes with sharp writing and crisp dialogue.”

Tampa Tribune

“A fascinating tale, well constructed and with strong dialogue.”

Dallas Morning News

“The ways that the mundane and fantastic intersect are completely believable, and the characters crackle with personality and attitude. Crisp, clean writing creates a vivid sense of place and plugs readers into a story they won’t want to see end.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Mirron E. Willis takes charge of this urban fantasy from the first word to the last…Willis has a grand time with street talk, straight talk, and sweet jive talk. He makes strong use of cadence, tone, and timing to bring this neighborhood to life.”


“Card has constructed a suspenseful fantasy thriller that, during the race to the last page, has one mulling over myth, morals, salvation, and will.”


“The author’s always elegant prose and storytelling talent add a dimension of grace and morality to his work, which results in a modern fable that belongs in most libraries.”

Library Journal

“If Orson Scott Card wrote a book about a snail moving under a plant in a garden, we would probably all marvel at the character development, be enraptured by the pacing of the story and how the plot develops, and empathize with the moral dilemmas the snail must face! This excursion into urban fantasy, while not what we’re used to from Mr. Card, still gives us what we value in his writing…beautifully translated into an audiobook format that is well worth your time.”