Path of the Dead (audiobook)

The Arthur Nakai Mysteries, book 1

6.0 hrs • 5 CDs• 1 MP3 CD• 216 CDs • Unabridged
Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 08/14/18
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Arthur Nakai, is an ex-marine and ex-member of the Shadow Wolves, an ICE tactical unit recruited by the U.S. Government to hunt human traffickers and drug smugglers on the US/ Mexican border as part of Homeland Security. With that life behind him, he now lives with his wife Sharon as owner/operator of White Mesa Outfitters in New Mexico. Sharon, a KZRV-TV field reporter and weekend anchor, has flown to Belen, New Mexico to cover the newest renovations to the Fred Harvey House, unaware that her path will soon cross with that of a Chiricahua Apache who has just added to his list of young victims by brutally killing sixteen-year-old Renee Braun earlier that morning.

Arthur’s life is shattered when acting Navajo Nation Police Chief, Jake Bilagody, makes a personal visit to White Mesa. Arthur learns that Sharon’s cameraman was found strangled to death inside their news van and Sharon is missing. Meanwhile, the Apache has already begun his journey north toward the Canadian Rockies with Sharon in tow. Together they meet up at a safe house with his lover, a woman whose dreams of a better life blind her to the evil that sits beside her until a twisted change of fate intervenes as an early winter storm begins to build. Arthur’s search takes him into the majestic mountain ranges of Montana where he enlists the help of his friend and ex-Shadow Wolf, Abraham Fast Horse, a local Blackfoot outfitter. After receiving a phone call from a member of the Blackfoot Brotherhood, Arthur and Fast Horse track the Apache to an isolated cabin inhabited by an aging mountain man that culminates in a showdown pitting the two men against the serial killer set on bringing this to only one conclusion.

Review Quotes

“Combining the gait of a fine horse, the comfort of your favorite Indian blanket, and the ease of a well-worn saddle, Mark Langley’s Path of the Dead is one heck of a debut novel coming out of the gate.”

Craig Johnson, New York Times bestselling author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries, basis for the Netflix drama Longmire

“A dark and gripping novel, filled with suspense and heart-stopping twists you won’t see coming. Surely Arthur Nakai, Navajo outfitter and ex-member of the Shadow Wolves, trained to hunt down criminals on the border, is one of the most compelling sleuths to come along in some time. Path of the Dead is a smash debut. Don’t miss it.”

Margaret Coel, New York Times bestselling author of Winter’s Child

Path of the Dead is a lightning-paced manhunt shaped by Native American lore and full of rich detail. This character-driven tale will keep you on the edge of your seat to the last page…I can’t wait to read Langley’s next story.”

David Thurlo, author of the critically acclaimed Ella Clah novels

“This thriller has legs under it. When they get pumping—when the chase is on—you will sweep yourself to the end in a flurry of turning pages. Guarantee it, you are going to close Path of the Dead saying to yourself, ‘Damn, Mark Langley can tell a story.’”

Jerry Peterson, author of Early’s Fall (Kirkus starred review) and its sequel, Early’s Winter