Never Come Morning (audiobook)

Directed by Emily Janice Card
10.5 hrs • 9 CDs• 1 MP3 CD • Unabridged
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 11/01/09
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- 11/01/09 9781441702487
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MP3 CD MP3-CDs: Come in a durable vinyl case similar to a dvd case. An index of contents and tracking information are included within the Mp3-CD format. MP3's can be played on any compatible CD player 
- 11/01/09 9781441702517
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- 01/01/10 9781441702548
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In this classic American novel, Nelson Algren tells the story of Bruno Bicek, a tough from Chicago’s Northwest side, and Steffi, the woman who shares his dream while living his nightmare.

Review Quotes

“The best book to come out of Chicago.”

Ernest Hemingway

“An unusual book and a brilliant book.”

New York Times 

“Chicago pours forth from Stefan Rudnicki—not the satirical ‘da Bears’ version but not a variety that is overly familiar, either. Algren’s masterpiece, which deserves a much higher readership, takes place in the brutal, dead-end, largely Polish enclaves of Wicker Park, Chicago, circa 1942. Bruno ‘Lefty’ Bicek is a twenty-year-old gifted boxer who foolishly believes the ring offers him passage to his American Dream. But his world is circumscribed by organized crime, Chicago-style ward politics, and violence that is as casual as it is unpredictable. Dreams do not come true in such places. Seeming to arise from these gritty streets, Rudnicki’s narration conveys a despair and a terror that do not quickly dissipate.”


“A dark and sordid picture of evil of the streets.”

Kirkus Reviews