Nobody Knows My Name (audiobook)

More Notes of a Native Son

5.8 hrs • 5 CDs• 1 MP3 CD • Unabridged
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 11/07/17
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1961’s explosive nationwide bestseller and a continuation of Baldwin’s first work of nonfiction, Notes of a Native Son, a classic of black autobiography

Review Quotes

“Despite having been written over half a century ago, this remains an incredibly relevant work. And narrator Kevin Kenerly does an outstanding job bringing just the right tone to a book that could have, in lesser hands (or voice, as the case may be), come across as strident or lecturing. Instead, Kenerly expertly conveys Baldwin’s struggle to understand the times in which he was living, his self-imposed exile abroad, subsequent decision to return home—and then venture into the South. The series of essays in this audiobook sheds light on the thinking of one of this country’s preeminent intellects. Baldwin could not have asked for his words to be delivered by someone better than Kevin Kenerly.”


“Brilliant…accomplished…masterly…A splendid book. James Baldwin is a skillful writer, a man of fine intelligence, and a true companion in the desire to make life human.”

New York Times

“A bright and alive book, full of grief, love, and anger.”

Chicago Tribune

“A major literary talent…Passionate, probing, controversial…A searing commentary.”