Political Scandals by the Speech Resource Company audiobook

Political Scandals

By the Speech Resource Company
Introductions by Robert Wikstrom

The Speech Resource Company, Inc.

The Historic Moments in Speech Series


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Politicians, government officials, lobbyists, party officials, and others have been accused—and some prosecuted—of various illegal, corrupt, or unethical practices throughout the years. Political Scandals includes speeches from the accused and the accusers in the political arena.

Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom


1. President Nixon’s first address to the nation, 4/30/73

2. Select committee testimony, 5/17/73–10/3/73

3. President Nixon’s address to the nation, 8/15/73

4. President Nixon’s answer to House Judiciary Committee, 4/29/74

5. House of Representatives Committee vote on impeachment, 7/28/74

6. Representative Barbara Jordan addresses impeachment proceedings, 7/25/74

7. Senate vote on impeachment, 7/28/74

8. President Nixon resigns, 8/8/74

9. Bob Woodward reflects on Watergate

10. President Ford pardons Richard Nixon, 9/8/74


11. President Clinton denies sexual relations with Monica Lewinski, 1/26/98

12. House impeachment hearings, 8/17/98

13. President Clinton admits affair, 8/17/98

14. Remarks following House vote to impeach, 12/19/98

15. President Clinton calls for conciliation following Senate vote, 2/12/99

16. Paula Jones reflects

17. Juanita Broderick reflects

18. Monica Lewinski reflects


19. President Reagan addresses the nation on aid to the Contras, 6/24/86

20. President Reagan address to the nation on arms to Iran, 11/13/86

21. Iran-Contras Tower Report, 3/4/87

22. Iran-Contras congressional hearings—Oliver North & Fawn Hall


23. Anita Hill testimony at Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings

24. Clarence Thomas rebuttal of Anita Hill testimony

25. Ted Kennedy on Chappaquiddick fatal accident

26. John Edwards’ press conference on affair and illegitimate child

27. South Carolina governor Mark Sanford confesses affair

28. Gary Hart confesses to affair

29. Anthony Weiner press conference on sexting scandal





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Category: Nonfiction/History
Runtime: 7.83
Audience: Adult
Language: English