Target 100 (audiobook)

The World’s Simplest Weight-Loss Program in 6 Easy Steps

Foreword by Jennifer Hudson
7.3 hrs • 8 CDs• 1 MP3 CD • Unabridged
Nonfiction/Health & Fitness
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 12/19/17
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When did weight loss get so complicated?

Today, it feels like there are a million different apps, tools, workouts, and eating plans designed to help you lose weight. Some promise success via drastic, unlivable restrictions; others are so complex they turn losing weight into a second job.

In Target 100, celebrity weight-loss coach Liz Josefsberg shows you don’t have to be a slave to your weight-loss program. You don’t have to count every gram of every nutrient and every calorie you eat at every meal. Believe it or not, weight loss can be simple.

It can even be … fun.

A fifteen-year veteran of the weight-loss industry and who lost—and kept off—sixty-five pounds herself, Liz has accrued a high-profile clientele. She helped Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson lose weight and transform her life and coached Jessica Simpson to shed over fifty pounds of baby weight (twice!). But along with the likes of Charles Barkley and Katie Couric, Josefsberg has also coached thousands of others, everyone from stay-at-home moms to office jockeys. Along the way, she’s learned what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to lasting weight loss, and she’s ready to share her secrets with the rest of us.

Target 100 streamlines the weight-loss process into six easy-to-follow guidelines and shows you how to adjust them to fit your lifestyle, personalizing the program so that it works for you. Josefsberg offers tips, worksheets, and powerful insights to help you fine-tune a range of weight-related behaviors, from battling stress to getting more sleep, setting the stage for permanent, long-term weight loss.

Instead of counting calories, you’ll learn how simple changes come together to jumpstart your health and well-being, such as

  • Drinking 100 ounces of water a day,
  • Exercising for 100 minutes a week,
  • Adding 100 minutes of sleep a week,
  • De-stressing for 100 minutes a week, and more.

Warm and no-nonsense, encouraging and informative, Target 100 is a holistic and revolutionary wellness book with a simple message: you don’t need to be perfect to lose weight, or transform yourself into someone you’re not. You can lose weight for good with the world’s simplest weight-loss program.

Review Quotes

“Liz Josefsberg has plenty of expertise to back up what she has to say and many success stories as well. The writing is straightforward and clean. This will be a great addition to any person’s arsenal of weapons in the on-going fight against fat.”

San Francisco Book Review

“Josefsberg, who works with megastars on rethinking their eating habits, shares her know-how in her book…[including] ‘swaps’ to keep you healthy and happy.”

Star Magazine

“For anyone who has struggled with weight loss, Liz connects the dots in a way that only someone who has been through it can. Add her expertise and experience on top of it and you have a real handbook for success.”

Katie Couric

Target 100 is Liz in book form—smart, supportive, and full of practical, simple solutions. Liz changed my life and my whole concept of dieting—and now can change yours too.”

Jessica Simpson

“If you are struggling with your body, Liz has walked in your shoes and understands the practical steps for clever solutions.”

Mehmet Oz, MD

“I just love the perspective that Liz brings to weight loss. Need a shot in the arm? Look no further than Liz Josefberg’s Target100. So many clients have benefited from Liz’s exceptional guidance and simple approach, and you will, too.”

Rocco DiSpirito, award-winning chef

“Liz is no joke. She helps people change their lives, me included. She is special and if you’re ready for real change, you’re ready for Target 100.”

Charles Barkley