The Civil Rights Movement by the Speech Resource Company audiobook

The Civil Rights Movement

By the Speech Resource Company
Introductions by Robert Wikstrom

The Speech Resource Company, Inc.

The Historic Moments in Speech Series


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Category: Nonfiction/History
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Following the Supreme Court ruling in 1954 striking down the “separate but equal” doctrine, a decade and a half of civil turbulence existed. Civil rights activists used nonviolent protest and civil disobedience to bring about change. This product tells a part of that historic time with speeches from many of those attempting to achieve racial equality.

Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom

  1. Martin Luther King Jr., Montgomery Bus Boycott, 6/5/1956
  2. President John F. Kennedy, Civil Rights Address to the Nation, 6/11/1963
  3. Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights Rally Address, 5/16/1963
  4. March on Washington, 8/28/63, Philip Randolph, John Lewis, Daisy Bates, Bayard Rustin
  5. Malcolm X, Message to the Grass Roots, 1/23/1963
  6. Andrew Young, Reflections on MLK and Malcolm X
  7. President Lyndon Johnson, Signing Civil Rights Bill, 7/2/1964
  8. James Farmer, Speech on Poverty, 10/15/1965
  9. Roy Wilkins, Address at UCLA, 12/2/1965
  10. Martin Luther King Jr., National Health Care Workers Address, 3/10/1968
  11. Martin Luther King Jr., “Been to the Mountaintop,” 4/3/1968
  12. Robert F. Kennedy, Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., 4/4/1968
  13. Coretta Scott King, Reflections on Civil Rights Movement
  14. Stokley Carmichael, Civil Rights Rally Address
  15. Ella Baker, “Life is more sacred than property,” 4/24/1968
  16. Angela Davis, Address at UCLA, 10/8/1969
  17. Ralph Abernathy, Committee for Economic Opportunity, 8/15/1987
  18. Nelson Mandela, Address to Joint Session of Congress, 6/26/1990
  19. Rosa Parks, Speech at the Million Man March, 10/16/1995
  20. Dorothy Height, Human Rights Campaign, 11/8/1997
  21. Desmond Tutu, “Reconciling Love,” 11/4/2005
  22. Julian Bond, Speech at National Equality March, 10/11/2009
  23. Roy Innis, Receiving John M. Ashbrook Award, 2/18/2010
  24. Jesse Jackson, Fiftieth Anniversary of March on Washington, 8/29/2013
  25. President Barack Obama, Civil Rights Summit, 4/10/2014





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Category: Nonfiction/History
Runtime: 9.56
Audience: Adult
Language: English