The Climate Change Debate by the Speech Resource Company audiobook

The Climate Change Debate

By the Speech Resource Company
Introductions by Robert Wikstrom

The Speech Resource Company, Inc.

The Historic Moments in Speech Series


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Runtime: 8.90 Hours
Category: Nonfiction/History
Audience: Adult
Language: English



For decades climate scientists have been warning of the dangerous effects of the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. They have urged a variety of measures that might prevent some of those disasters they claim to foresee. Others deny the reality of human-caused climate change and believe that scientists’ warnings about the impact are exaggerated. Speeches are presented from both sides of the issue.

Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom

  1. Al Gore and Newt Gingrich testify at US House hearings on climate change
  2. Dr. Heidi Collen, Environment & Public Works committee hearing
  3. Bob Carter, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  4. Lord David Puttnam, “The Reality of Climate Change”
  5. John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel
  6. Noam Chomsky, MIT Center for International Studies
  7. Lord Christopher Monckton, 12th Annual Conference on Climate Change
  8. Al Gore, MaRS Discovery District, Toronto
  9. Freeman Dyson, professor of physics at Princeton University
  10. Will Steffen, “Living with Climate Change”
  11. Donald Trump, “Jobs over Climate Change”
  12. Hillary Clinton & Al Gore, 2016 presidential campaign
  13. Dr. Fred Singer, “Hot Talk and Cold Science”
  14. Leonardo DiCaprio, “Messenger of Peace” at United Nations
  15. Steve Milloy, “Junk Science”
  16. Barack Obama, Climate Change Conference in Paris
  17. Donald Trump withdraws from Paris Accord
  18. Dr. James Hansen, professor at Columbia University
  19. Dr. Patrick Moore, “CO2 Emissions Are Good”
  20. Scott Denning vs. Roy Spencer, Heartland Institute Conference on Climate Change





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Category: Nonfiction/History
Runtime: 8.90
Audience: Adult
Language: English