The Liar’s Girl (audiobook)

10.4 hrs • 9 CDs• 1 MP3 CD• 336 CDs • Unabridged
Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 02/27/18
This title will be available on February 27, 2018
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Will Hurley was an attractive, charming, and impressive student at Dublin’s elite St. John’s College—and Ireland’s most prolific serial killer. Having stalked his five young victims, he drowned them in the muddy waters of the Grand Canal. Sentenced to life imprisonment when he was just nineteen, Will is locked away in the city’s Central Psychiatric Hospital.

Freshman Alison Smith moved to the Big Smoke to enroll in St. John’s and soon fell hard for Will Hurley. Her world bloomed … and then imploded when Liz, her best friend, became the latest victim of the Canal Killer—and the Canal Killer turned out to be the boy who’d been sleeping in her bed. Alison fled to the Netherlands and, in ten years, has never once looked back.

When a young woman’s body is found in the Grand Canal, Garda detectives visit Will to see if he can assist them in solving what looks like a copycat killing. Instead, Will tells them he has something new to confess—but there’s only one person he’s prepared to confess it to.

The last thing Alison wants is to be pulled back into the past she’s worked so hard to leave behind. Reluctantly, she returns to the city she hasn’t set foot in for more than a decade to face the man who murdered the woman she was supposed to become.

Only to discover that, until now, Will has left out the worst part of all …

Review Quotes

“An absolute belter of a book…[A] stand-out book in the thriller genre. Real and sympathetic characters, a flawlessly paced plot, and a genuinely original premise. I finished it at 2:00 a.m. last night, my heart pounding!”

Gillian McAllister, Sunday Times bestselling author

“Slick, smart, and stylish suspense. Characters so real I felt I knew them personally, a plot so taut it squeaked, and deeply poignant nods to the loss of innocence that every teenager craves and despairs. Really clever.”

Holly Seddon, USA Today bestselling author

“A meticulous, devious plot, superb writing, and vivid, sympathetic characters would be enough to make The Liar’s Girl a stand-out read, but its dark, sad, inevitable ending makes it a triumph.”

Eric Rickstad, New York Times bestselling author of The Names of Dead Girls

“Catherine Ryan Howard is such a skilled storyteller—every setting was evocative, every hook well-placed, every twist expertly timed. I flew through it! Astonishingly good.”

Jo Spain, Irish Times bestselling author

“Read The Liar’s Girl with the lights on. A thrilling whodunit with a shocking final twist.”

A. J. Banner, USA Today bestselling author

“[In] this exceptional thriller…Howard keeps the reader turning the pages right through to the shocking and satisfying resolution.”

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

The Liar’s Girl is an addictive page-turner that asks, would you stand by someone you loved if he was accused of murder? The set-up is horribly believable as we toggle between the past and present lives of two adults reconciling themselves to the consequences of their teenage immaturity. Catherine Ryan Howard ladles out the suspense like spoonfuls of sugar, building to a heady rush of tension—and a heartbreaking final twist in the tale.”

Jo Furniss, author of the bestselling All the Little Children

“Although Howard meanders a bit through the streets and shops and pubs of Cork and Dublin, she picks up the pace when it most matters—and tosses a lovely curveball at the end, too.”

Kirkus Reviews

The Liar’s Girl is a haunting thriller about one woman’s attempt to escape a horrific past…and her inability to fully do so. I found myself continually surprised and even shocked by the twists and turns in the plot. This is a fast-moving, crackling good novel.”

David Bell, author of Bring Her Home

“This may just be the best book I have ever read! Howard writes an amazingly terrifying story of how one small lie can change the course of your entire life and those around you. I simply cannot say enough good things about this book, it left me utterly speechless!”

TheBindingThread (5/5 stars)