The Maples Stories (audiobook)

5.8 hrs • 5 CDs • Unabridged
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 08/01/09
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- 08/01/09 9780792765349
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Collected together for the first time on audio, these eighteen classic stories from across John Updike’s career form a luminous chronicle of the life and times of one marriage in all its rich emotional complexity. In 1956, Updike published a story, “Snowing in Greenwich Village,” about a young couple, Joan and Richard Maple, at the beginning of their marriage. Over the next two decades, he returned to these characters again and again, tracing their years together raising children, finding moments of intermittent happiness, and facing the heartbreak of infidelity and estrangement.

Review Quotes

“A masterpiece…Updike owns a rare verbal genius, a gifted intelligence and a sense of tragedy made bearable by wit.”

Time, praise for Rabbit Redux

“The power of the novel comes from a sense, not absolutely unworthy of Thomas Hardy, that the universe hangs over our fates like a great sullen hopeless sky. There is real pain in the book, and a touch of awe.”

Esquire, praise for Rabbit, Run

“Brilliant and poignant…By his compassion, clarity of insight, and crystal-bright prose, [John Updike] makes Rabbit’s sorrow his and our own.”

The Washington Post, praise for Rabbit, Run

“An awesomely accomplished writer…For God’s sake, read the book. It may even—will probably change your life.”

Anatole Broyard, praise for Rabbit Redux