Unmasked (audiobook)

A Memoir

Read by Derek Perkins, with a prologue and epilogue read by Andrew Lloyd Webber
16.6 hrs • 13 CDs• 2 MP3 CDs • Unabridged
Nonfiction/Biography & Autobiography
Target Audience: Adult
Release Date: 03/06/18
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A New York Times bestseller

Published to coincide with his seventy-fifth birthday, a memoir by revered, award-winning composer, producer, and impresario of some of the most recognized musicals in the history of theater, including The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Evita

In Unmasked, internationally acclaimed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber looks back over more than five decades in the spotlight as he recounts his fascinating life and remarkable career. He goes back to his origins, illuminating his charming, offbeat family, including his bohemian mother and her pet monkey; his grandmother, who was a founding member of the Christian Communist Party; his zany aunt, who authored the first gay cookbook; and his richly talented younger brother Julian Lloyd Webber.

Lloyd Webber recalls the musicals he created as a child, his school days at Oxford, his artistic influences, including Tim Rice and David Niven, and how he made the decision to leave school to pursue the musical career that would make him a global superstar. He illuminates his creative process and takes us behind the scenes of his productions, sharing fascinating details about the shows and the rich cast of characters involved with making them hits.

Full of colorful characters and rich storytelling, Unmasked at last reveals the true face of the extraordinary man beneath the storied legend.

Review Quotes

“While Lloyd Webber offhandedly narrates the brief prologue and epilogue, Derek Perkins skillfully handles the majority of the audiobook, giving it a cheeky and well-modulated narration…Music and theater fans will enjoy this ultimate companion volume to Lloyd Webber works; the memoir includes the rationale and evolution of nearly all the songs and stories from so many memorable nights in the theater.”


“[A] charmingly idiosyncratic, surprisingly endearing and ruthlessly entertaining autobiography.”

Wall Street Journal

“Unmasked (the title is a play on Phantom’s signature facial gear) will tickle music and theater geeks. It’s an insider’s inside account, highly readable, thanks to Lloyd Webber’s affable, intelligent voice.”

USA Today

“Proves as readable as his hits are watchable.”

Washington Post

“Gripping insight into a rich and intensely creative life.”

BBC America

“An enlightening look into Andrew Lloyd Webber’s early life and professional career.”

Broadway World

“Filled with wit, self-deprecating humor and dollops of gossip.”